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Tungsten Carbide


The Tungsten Carbide Overlay process as applied by Wearlife Services offers unsurpassed wearlife when compared to common types of Hardfacing. Being able to achieve a seventy (70) to seventy five (75) percent saturation of Tungsten Carbide within the weld matrix results in an extremely tough & durable coating suitable for applications subject to both impact and abrasion.

The deep penetration of the substrate material ensures no delamination even in arduous conditions such as hard rock and concrete. The overlay is also suitable for application to most metals including White Iron/Ni Hard. The Tungsten Carbide particles utilized by Wearlife Services are of a specific geometry and size ensuring adequate penetration of the molten matrix while also providing thorough encapsulation of each particle within the matrix preventing fall out due to vibration and impact. This also ensures complete wear of each particle unlike slithers/splinters that tend to snap as exposed due to the brittle nature of Tungsten Carbide.

At Wearlife Services we are also able to customise the Tungsten Carbide Overlay to meet your specific needs in the selection of the matrix alloy for applications such as high temperature and corrosive environments.

Wearlife - Tungsten Carbide Wearlife - Tungsten Carbide
Wearlife - Tungsten Carbide Wearlife - Tungsten Carbide