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At Wearlife Services we are able to greatly assist HDD contractors in regard to both new equipment and the repair and reclamation of damaged and worn equipment.

Custom made HDD Augers, both single and double cut, fitted with “spade” or “shark’s” teeth are generally available within 1 week of order. Reamers including elliptical, stacked plate & fly cutters are manufactured to customers requirements at our Hallam premises. Threaded adapters manufactured from 4140 steel to suit Vermeer & Ditch Witch drives are available ex stock in many configurations. Steer Bills in standard and Bear Claw types to suit Vermeer & Ditch Witch are also available ex stock in sizes ranging from 3” to 5”. Larger sizes and custom configurations are built to order.

The application of Tungsten Carbide type hardfacing provides outstanding protection to high wear areas. As is often the case in the HDD industry, equipment becomes damaged or worn resulting in those items being no longer useable. At Wearlife Services we are able to assist in the reclamation and repair of those items at very cost effective rates. The refitting of Tungsten Carbide inserts and the application of our unique Tungsten Carbide Overlay type hardfacing result in greatly extending the service life of related equipment. Steer bills can be reclaimed at approximately 60% of the cost of a new item. Stacked plate reamer was completely refurbished at approximately 30% cost of the new item. Application of Tungsten Carbide Overlay to outside diameter of auger flights maintains flight diameter indefinitely whilst also greatly assisting with the cutting process due to its aggressive surface finish containing Tungsten Carbide chip. The Tungsten Carbide Overlay also greatly reduces the binding effect often associated with such equipment.